about KICS!

KICS (Kalabhi Institute of Creative Solutions) is an innovative educational initiative aimed at creating a tidal wave of creative awareness that allows participants to experience:

  • the process of thinking, planning, formulating and expressing original ideas
  • direct practical indulgence in creativity-boosting exercises and projects
  • enhanced abilities of solving problems and resolving conflicts
  • fundamental understanding about all the whats and whys of creativity
  • what makes some people and things creative and others not so much
  • exposure to rationally challenge various intellectual prejudices and perspectives
  • the importance of creative approach in student, personal and professional lives
  • the ability to observe and interpret various creative works

KICS’ comprehensive 100% experiential learning modules allow participants to enroll and witness the fundamental shift in their creative potentials without any theoritical burden.

Our ‘Your Place, Your Time’ approach allows participants to experience hassle-free engagement.