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module#1 - KICS for STUDENTS

KICS for Students is a module specially designed to focus on tapping the young and relatively unadulterated state of creative thinking in students of age 12 years and above. It is strategically designed to excite curiosity and allow unhindered expression of ideas. It boosts creative imagination, enhances out-of-the-box thinking, increases confidence and uses special creative techniques to help them perform better in the core study subjects at schools and colleges.


KICS for Professionals is dedicated to help enhance career goals and objectives. This module focuses on helping professionals from varied levels of organizational hierarchies to understand problems, interpret situations and design creative, fresh and novel solutions for resolving complications and boost their career trajectory. The module also touches upon creative ways and means to communicate effectively and make an outstanding impression at work.

module#3 - KICS for LIFE

KICS for Life is a module that deals at a more personal level and indulges in exploring varied situations and aspects of life. It focuses on developing a creative approach towards problems and handling complicated relationships and critical conversations with creative outlook to design effective solutions and build a sustainably happy living experience. The module allows the participants to open up and discover new dimensions for meaningful living and stronger relationships.

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